Many things come together to make Marcia’s Kitchen what it is, from our backgrounds to our work ethic, from our imagination to the ingredients we buy. Place any fork or spoonful of our food in your mouth, and you’ll also get a little of the following:



Two chefs from different backgrounds who never stop thinking food. One with a rich pan-Mediterranean heritage, one bringing more South American and Asian influences. Creative minds that constantly look for ways to put a twist on the expected, and an endless drive to stay at the forefront of our industry. This means vibrant recipes, fresh ideas, and innovative food that never fails to surprise and delight.




All top-level cuisine relies on optimum raw materials for its success. Our ingredients are sourced from suppliers we have trusted because of their impeccable standards for over a decade. We like to know the provenance of what we give our clients. Leading purveyors such as Barretts of Hampstead, our butchers; Gareth Balance at New Covent Garden, who provide impeccable fruit and vegetables; the amazing Earth Natural Foods in Kentish Town for many of our whole food ingredients; and Daily Fish & Moxons in Islington for our super-fresh seafood… all help make us what we are. 




There is an obsessive perfectionism in how we work. The finest possible eye for detail. Effort, but well directed. Trusted techniques. We make nearly everything ourselves from scratch: compulsively thorough. Your salads are not thrown together, they are built by hand. Precision makes the difference.




Every day people understand a little more clearly just how important their food is to their health. If anything sets Marcia’s Kitchen apart it is its ability to make high-end cuisine that tastes great, but that is healthy as well. Handled properly, natural whole foods are thrilling. This starts with trusting the power of nature to deliver amazing flavours, and working with the seasons. Whenever we can we source locally.




We understand the pressure that our clients are under, so we’re set up to create worry-free relationships and hassle-free processes. We listen hard. We watch carefully. We’re proactive where we can be and quick to respond where we can’t. We’re flexible wherever humanely possible. And we deliver results, time and again, so you can enjoy something rare in this field: peace of mind.




Food communicates on so many levels, not least visually. We use beautiful ceramic dishes and slate platters to give our food an elegant stage, and then care for the presentation with the same ethos that goes into the food itself: “make it fabulous”. Food should create joy when beheld for the first time. We aim for this with every plate.




We go to a great trouble to make our food what it is… so we make certain that there is plenty of it to go round so it’s enjoyed to the full. We believe in generous portions.